Job Training and Placement

  • Job placement training
  • Business Start-up Entrepreneurship Program; providing training and orientation sessions to teach those who are interested in opening their own business.
  • Grants and Microloans; with training completed, we assist eligible participants to receive grants and microloans.

Health Promotion Programs

  • Patient Referral Program; providing needed health services for referral patients.
  • Wellness Program; assisting with mental health services to the eligible communities.
  • Medical & Dental Services; facilitating free health services for immigrants, low-income families, homeless adults and students.

Legal Services

  • Free Legal Consultation and Assistance; providing free legal assistance to serving immigrants or individuals and small businesses.
  • Resources & Training for Law School Graduates/Volunteers; organizing training sessions for attorneys and paralegals who wish to undertake assignments from our legal partners in the District.

Assistance with Living Arrangements

  • Helping individuals, students and low-income families to locate affordable housing through temporary or permanent avenues such as hostels, family housing and apartments.