A Local Approach to Global Health

As a humanitarian aid organization, A3 Alliance combines its experience in developing health programs and models to reach a specific group of people, address a particular health issue and guide program development in a variety of settings. We base all our work on partnerships with local and international healthcare organizations to provide two-thirds of the needed services, including medical supplies, medicine and support services. 

Medical Equipment Donation

We provide critical medical equipment to over 33 countries - from frontline equipment to larger devices. Donations address everything from basic healthcare to supporting entire communities by providing two-thirds of the needed services, medicine and supplies.

Medical Camps

We organize free medical camps in different regional locations to bring medical facilities to the otherwise unreachable and disconnected. These camps offer medicine along with Iron and Folic Acid supplements to create an environment where the community is sensitized about health issues. Thousands of people from villages and urban areas attend the health camps.